August 23, 2017

Virgin land yet to be developed.
Where the art will lead to life Text/ Emerson WANG.

It is still a “Nuevo Mundo“, waiting for being explored even though there is long history for culture in Baltic States region. For Western and Asia, there is rare contemporary art information to be known in this area. I was first time to be invited to visit and have a speech, but quite astonished by the rich culture and the enjoyment of art.

There are a lot of contemporary art fairs in the world. Except on I have seen in Miami, Jurmula is the only one I attended also set up the fair tent on the beach beside the sea. The astonishing scene and relaxing atmosphere build an extremely perfect fair to mark a new way of life with art.

It is the first edition of Jurmala international contemporary art fair happening on the white-sand beach, where With miles of sandy beaches, swaying pine trees and deliciously fresh air, eclectic architecture and plenty of fun. In addition to its natural assets, Jurmala also boasts top culture and entertainment events all year round. Walking on the beach in not only to enjoy the nature, to read the past history, there is now also a new style of art fair held in summer.

The themed exhibition with Robert Whitman is amazing. The American photographer best known for his seminal theater pieces of the early 1960s combining visual and sound images, actors, film, slides, and evocative props in environments of his own making. Whitman’s appearance is the highlight of the show, along with his series works of Mikhail Baryshnikov, the Soviet and American dancer, choreographer, and actor.

Four lectures bring different ideas of art and life in Asia, collecting and investing contemporary art, which enrich the content of the new fair. The new try be bring new art to the region.

There is something more to be expected for the next edition. For instance, the participating galleries and artists, should be cover more surrounding area. To build a stronger and closer connection between Eastern Europe and other continents is also important. The fair can be a event to invite and welcome more tourists to visit the country, not just for art but also for the culture and beautiful view.