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July 18 – 22, 2018



David Lynhc

Considered among the top living American filmmakers, David Lynch is revered for his singular, mind-bending vision of reality that both entrances and disturbs viewers. Among his best-known feature-length films are Eraserhead (1977); The Elephant Man (1980), a critical and commercial success that launched his career; and Blue Velvet (1986). His famed television series, the surrealistic murder mystery Twin Peaks (1990–91), has been credited with redefining the possibilities of the medium. Lynch is also a painter, singer-songwriter, and avid practitioner of and advocate for transcendental meditation.

Lynch is a proponent of transcendental meditation, a practice he has embraced since 1973. In 2005, he founded the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and Peace, which provides support for students, people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and others who may benefit from this form of meditation.His work is lush, dark, and often shot through with violence. Describing his creative process, he once said: “I used to go to well-lit diners, because in a well-lit diner I could sit and think and daydream and I could go to dark places knowing that I could surface in a well-lit, safe place.”

Jurmala art Fair introduce 37 David Lynch lithographs. He fell completely inlove with this traditional technique, which is slowly disapearing. From that point onwards, David Lynch spent long sojourns in Paris, quickly acquiring this skill. He participated in the life of the studio, making his own lithographs each year, revealing his inspiration, thoughts somber style, and black humor.


Mona Lisa Tina

Artist, performer and art therapist, Mona Lisa Tina lives and works in Bologna.

Born in Francavilla Fontana (BR) in 1977, in 2005 she graduated in Panting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and specialized in Art Therapy in 2012 at the Italian Art Therapy association.

From 2011, together with Stefano Ferrari, professor of Psychology of the Art at the University of Bologna, she coordinates the Study Group "Psychology and Contemporary Art" of the IAAP (International Association for Art and Psychology). Mona Lisa Tina is a member of the Medical Art Therapy research group based in Florence and specialized on the applications of art therapies on the medical field. She is part of the Teaching Corps of the Triennial Course of Art Therapy "NEW ART THERAPIES" Visual and Performing Arts branch - Bologna.

Mona Lisa Tina conducts numerous seminars and workshops focused on the fundamental points of her artistic research and proposes courses of individual art therapy, group art therapy and open studio art therapy aimed at adults and children, both for preventive and therapeutic purposes.

Her works have been presented in both solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She has conducted exhibitions in contemporary art museums in Italy and abroad: MAP – Museo Mediterraneo dell’Arte Presente (BR); Palazzo della Penna (Perugia); Museo Teatro della Commenda di Prè (Genova); GAM - Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Torino); Künstlerhaus (Hannover); Museo MACRO Testaccio (Roma); Stadtgalerie (Kiel); Kunstsammlungen (Chemnitz), Adiacenze arte contemporanea (Bologna).

She has been selected for the prize at the 7th Edition of The Art Award Under40, “Foundation Vaf - Current Positions of the Italian Art” 2016-2017.


Polina Koshele

Polina Koshele was born in 26.04.2001, in Riga, Latvia. She attended the Maras Muizniecas Makslas Skola (art school). She moved to the UK in 2012 and continued studying fine art at Roedean School in Brighton. During the years, Polina was largely supported by established Latvian artists such as; Nikolai Krivoshein, Irina Pogrebitskaya and Nugzar Paksadze.

In collaboration with N.Paksadze, she organized and participated in a performance “FERISCVLILEBA” in spring 2018. Today, she continues A-level in History, Media Studies and Fine Art at Hurtwood House School. She is planning to bond her future education with Media and Art.